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ERP Agile Toolsets

Years of experience in implementing Oracle ERP projects means that you can benefit from the agile 'Quick Win' toolsets that experienced Oracle Programme practitioners use to ensure fast, cost effective implementations. 

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Why ERP Implementations Fail

What are the lessons learned from some of the UK's major ERP programme implementations?  Read more.

Pre-Sales Bid Work

© Copyright, Huthwaite International

Having a route to market, defining your 'Unique Selling Points', and producing your sales collateral are all key parts of winning new business.  But taking a holistic approach - from first contact with the client to understanding your decision guidelines will help any 'Solution Integrator' (SI) to understand whether to bid at all, and once you have decided to bid on an ERP RFP or ITT, you must then understand how to win it (as distinct from 'how to deliver it' described in the sections above).

How can a Seller influence the Buyer who is responsible for securing the service to be procured?  Huthwaite SPIN techniques enable an SI 'seller of services' to understand and define the Buyer's requirements in order to better direct the Response Process:

  • S (Situation questions developed)
  • P (Problem questions developed)
  • I (Implications are questioned)
  • N (Needs are defined)


The Huthwaite approach will help you to determine:

  • Decision Guidelines
  • Competitive Consideration
  • Sales Plan (Capture Plan)
  • Value Proposition
  • Win Strategy
  • Win Price
  • Persuasive Case / Key Themes

I can advise and assist in defining your Win Strategy and ensure that you manage each stage of the Bid Plan.

© Image based on Copyright, Shipley Associates

Once you have completed your Sales Review process and decided to bid on a Client Proposal, how can you manage the Bid effectively - from positioning through opportunity assessment through to Proposal planning, development and finally, execution?  Essentially, can you deliver what you have bid for?  The Shipley Management Approach to Bidwork enables you to capture, manage and check for understanding at every stage of a Sales Bid through the Rainbow Management Events approach.


The Shipley Rainbow Approach will help you to develop:

  • Sales Campaigns & your Bid Strategies model
  • Understand the Staged ‘HAT Reviews’ - where each stage or event looks at a Sales opportunity from a different perspective:
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Sales strategy development
    • Storyboarding your Sales Proposal at a high level
    • Signing off on your Proposal Quality standards
    • Determining if the anticipated margin from a Win is worth pursuing
    • Determining Lessons Learned

Services at a Glance:

  • Workshopping Bids: Understanding Decision Guidelines and the Competitive Picture
  • Developing Winning Strategies and building the Win Case
  • Get ahead - get a HAT.  Using the Hat approach in defining each stage of your ERP Response Development


Below are images of Sales & Customer development bidwork from previous clients:

  • Defined Customer Lifecycle Evaluation Stages (HAT reviews)
  • Aligning ITT/RFP Bid Responses to post-win Delivery Stages
  • Proposed Competitive Review structure workshop example


(Gold Hat Competitive Analysis Stage Image - © Shipley, 2011)

HAT Stages in Developing the Customer Engagement Lifecycle (CELC)
Red Hat-approved Client Procurement Stage - Weekly Q&A and Guidance Review
Final Red Hat-approved Client ITT Submission Response
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