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ERP Agile Toolsets

Years of experience in implementing Oracle ERP projects means that you can benefit from the agile 'Quick Win' toolsets that experienced Oracle Programme practitioners use to ensure fast, cost effective implementations. 

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Why ERP Implementations Fail

What are the lessons learned from some of the UK's major ERP programme implementations?  Read more.

Defining the ERP Roadmap

The ERP Roadmap should be understood at two levels prior to an ERP implementation:

  1. Understand where the Business will be positioned at the end of the journey (in terms of the Applications to be delivered, the Modules to be used, the architecture required to sustain the new delivery mechanisms in terms of performance and capability, and the infastructure, storage etc. necessary to maintain the effort).  It is likely that there will several Staged Phases over a period of time to achieve these targets in a measured, managed way, where the next Gate is proceeded to only when the previous Gate has been successfully achieved.
  2. At a lower level, understand where your processes are in terms of (a) where they sit on a process maturity analysis ranging from Basic (foundation) to World (or best in) Class, and (b) how they can be designed as you move from an 'As Is' current model to a 'To Be' model that is not only:
  • 'best in class', in terms of process efficiency and cost to execute, and ONLY if that is deemed an achievable target (not everything has to be 'World Class' to be almost as effective!);
  • will integrate into a new ERP delivery system that minimises 'point release' updates being lost when there is a systems upgrade, with low levels of customisation, interfaces and extension requirements.
I can help you understand how 'To Be' process change, as part of a wider 'Change Transition' in your Business, can be implemented in a cost efficient way, while being delivered through your new ERP system at reduced risk.

Services at a glance:

  • High Level workshops - defining the overall ERP Roadmap & Objectives
  • Workshops: Defining your Process positions on the ERP Maturity Model and setting Improvement Objectives
  • Ragged Edge Process Reviews - ensuring 'To Be' processes are defined as Oracle Applications-enabled solutions


  • Technical Infrastructure Roadmap Planning workstreams (Stages include Project Benefits & approval, PID & Planning, Design & Implementation); 
  • Process Maturity Determination Reviews; and
  • 'Ragged Edge' Process Reviews, aligning new process design to Applications standard functionality.
High Level Technical Infrastructure Roadmap Planning - Shared Services Call Centre
Ascertaining Process Maturity towards Best in Class - Global Publishing Co.
Ensuring Process Design Fits to the Applications - Military Services
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